Back To The Future DVDs: It's a known fact that Universal messed up the widescreen release of Back To The Future II & III. We reported on the defect back on Christmas. We also reported on how to get your defective disc replaced, but if you haven't purchased the famous trilogy yet, how are you going to know difference between a defective set and a new updated set?

According to a scoop over at The Digital Bits, Universal has issued a statement regarding what you should look out for:

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The new packaging will have a "V2" printed near the bottom of the screen format/bar code sticker. This will indicate that the set contains the remastered versions of BTTF II and BTTF III. The same "V2" will also appear on the new discs after the copyright language line.

For more details on what this whole mess is about, or on how to get your defective discs replaced, CLICK HERE

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