Moviehole recently talked with Howard Berger from the visual effects house KNB, who talked about his recent work on the upcoming Predators.

"I just saw some photos today and they look absolutely fantastic!", Berger said. He also added that they wanted to bring the same style of the original film to this new remake.

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"We wanted to have the Predator look as it did in the original film. We went back and looked at the original. I actually worked in the shop with Stan Winston on the first film. It was great to be able to go back to the series having not been involved in any of the sequels, and it was also great to be able to make sure we built them as Stan Winston did."

CLICK HERE for more on what Berger had to say about the film. Predators, directed by Nimrod Antal and produced by Robert Rodriguez, will hit theaters nationwide on July 7, 2010.