Dane Cook let it slip at the recent Mr. Brooks press junket that his next film would be Bachelor No. 2. Now, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Howard Deutch, of Pretty in Pink fame, is going to direct the film.

Dane Cook had this to say about the project, "We're going to star filming in July. We're casting it now. Its sort of in the same vein as Bad Santa. It's about a prick that seems to have no emotional attachment to anything. It's just a different side of my persona. This is a guy, his name is Tank. He will just roll over anybody. He is just going to go for the weak point. You are in trouble with this guy."

Jordan B. Cahann wrote the script for Cook's own production company. The story will follow Cook's character Tank. He is hired to take certain girls on a series of horrendous dates so that they will go crawling back to the guy they broke up with.

The film will probably begin shooting in August.