Although the fate of 24 remains unclear, the series' showrunner is setting up a new TV project. According to The Hollywood Reporter, 24 showrunner Howard Gordon is setting up a new series entitled Prisoners of War.

The series will be based off the new Israeli TV series of the same name that recently went on the air for Keshet Broadcasting. Gordon will write the pilot with fellow 24 executive producer Alex Gansa and the creator of the Israeli series, Gideon Raff.

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The original series tells the tale of three Israeli soldiers who return home after 17 years in captivity in Syria and have difficulties adjusting to life back home. The new series, tentatively titled Patriots, will center on three American soldiers who were thought to be dead in the Iraq invasion and are found in a cave 10 years later.

"They come home greeted as heroes, but they are traumatized by the treatment there, and their families have become collateral damage to their captivity," said Gordon.

Gordon also shed some light on the fate of 24 as well, stating that he will likely not be the showrunner if the show continues past this season.

"Discussions are still being held; the book hasn't been closed," he said. "If there is 24 past Season 8," he added, "I will be part of that," though probably not as showrunner. He also said that star Kiefer Sutherland, who has no deal for the show beyond the current season, "is inclined to do another season if there is a good story."