Paramount Pictures has acquired writer Andy Burg's spec screenplay Huck and Tom, which puts a new spin on the Mark Twain characters Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer.

The story line is being kept largely under wraps, although this project will focus on Huck and Tom as adults, and it is said there will be supernatural aspects as well. The project is being likened to Snow White and the Huntsman, which puts a fresh spin on the classic Snow White fairy tale.

Peter Chernin, Dylan Clark, and Matt Lopez are attached to produce Huck and Tom. The characters first appeared in Mark Twain's 1876 novel The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. There have been a number of TV and film adaptations based on the two characters, but this new Huck and Tom project will seemingly give the characters a modern-day makeover.

No production schedule was given for Huck and Tom.