Star Wars: Episode III:Jedi Defender has posted some amazing new spoiler filled imagery from next year's Star Wars: Episode III!!! Click below to access pictures and sketches of models, prosthetics, landscapes, vehicles and even a charred Anakin Skywalker? Only time will tell...


Like other sites that posted the story/photos -- we have removed the photos, voluntarily, due to the steps taken by Lucas Film to stop the distribution of and access to those images.

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We regret that we can not continue to make them available.

While we will continue to update the main page for the film:

...with news and exclusive photos/media/features regularly, we will be taking down any "assets" that we may post if we, later, become aware that use of or making available such assets would be considered to be infringing on the intellectual property rights of LucasFilm and/or 20th Century Fox.

Please check the page often, though, as assets posted there may -- pursuant to the above -- be posted only for a limited time.

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