Boogeyman:Coming has dug deep into the production of Boogeyman to bring to light some details surrounding the film. Take a look at what they've uncovered:

Apparently "Boogeyman" is only the working title of the film, a new title will be released next year for a proposed release in North America for September, 2004. Actors Charles Mesure (from "Xena") and Philip Gordon have also joined the cast.

Lucy Lawless said the following spoilers about her appearance in the movie. "For Boogeyman, they're making my hair red and slightly shorter. They covered me in latex makeup on my hands, feet and all over my face to make me look about 80 years old. Even though they've got scum and blood squirting out my eyes -- I thought I looked kinda good actually. I thought I looked kinda glam. Like a glamorous older woman. Like . . . Germaine Greer. If I look this good when I'm fifty, I'll be so happy. Picture Germaine Greer with blood squirting out her eyes."

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