Star Wars: According to a rumor spreading like wildfire over at The Digital Bits, scenes in the classic, yet special edition Star Wars films set to be released in September make contain even more changes! Take a look at the rumor...

Movie Picture
That top image is, supposedly, an actual shot of Ian McDiarmid as Emperor Palpatine, newly inserted into The Empire Strikes Back in place of the original actor (bottom image). This pic has been circulating around the Net for a few days now. The split screen comparison you see here was created by someone on one of the Star Wars fan boards (click here for the original post of the image, along with endless fan debate). But the image at the top (at least the actual face shot of McDiarmid) reportedly leaked from someone involved with the production. We had pretty much dismissed it... BUT. The interesting thing is, we've shown this image to insiders we know have seen the real work (three separate sources now), and they've independently confirmed that the scene HAS changed and that the top image (of McDiarmid in make-up) is authentic. One other scene we've heard is being revamped is the CGI Jabba scene from A New Hope. Look for the digital Jabba to be replaced by a much better looking CG version (likely based on the Episode I digital model of the character).
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In other news, the tentative details about what is to be included in the DVD release has been leaked as well...

- 2.35:1 anamorphic widescreen, THX Certified

- English Dolby Digital 5.1 EX; English, Spanish & French Dolby Surround

- George Lucas, Ben Burtt, Dennis Muren & Carrie Fisher Commentary

- Irvin Kirshner (ESB) & Lawrence Kasdan (ESB, ROTJ) Commentary

- Star Wars: The Independent Films Documentary (150 mins)

- The Evolution of Characters Featurette (30 mins)

- The Influence of Star Wars Featurette (20 mins)

- Lightsabers/Fights Featurette (10 mins)

- 1977 Vintage Star Wars Featurette (20 mins)

- Episode III Behind the Scenes Preview (10 mins)

- Star Wars Battlefront X-Box Video Game Preview

- Original & 1997 Re-Release Teasers and Trailers

- Original TV Spots & 1997 Re-Release TV Spots

- Comprehensive Posters and Artwork Gallery

- DVD-ROM: Link to Website

Stay tuned for more Star Wars DVD updates!

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