Many thought Hugh Jackman would finally wear Wolverine's classic yellow and blue costume from the Marvel comics in Logan. This was before the first footage was ever revealed. In the movie, Wolverine never dons any costume at all featuring a much more realistic take on the character. As this was Jackman's final turn as the iconic mutant superhero, fans hopes were dashed, and all seemed lost. But perhaps we'll finally see Jackman in that iconic yellow and blue spandex after all.

In celebration of Halloween, Hugh Jackman shared a photo on social media that shows the actor shopping for costumes. He holds up an adult sized, albeit sort of chintzy looking, official Marvel costume depicting Wolverine in his classic colors. Trying to remain conspicuous in shades, he says this to fans.

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"Just maybe I will finally wear blue and yellow spandex for my #halloweencostume


There's no size visible on the bag, but standing at 6'2", this costume is probably going to be too tight on the muscle bound hero of the silver screen. Though too many muscles and a six pack that just won't stop has never kept a superhero from climbing into too-tight spandex before. Though, these costumes are usually made on the cheap, and in all likelihood he'd probably rip it apart as he took his kids trick r treating.

There was a version of the classic yellow and blue costume that was molded for use in the second standalone Wolverine movie, but it was never used on screen. It was later revealed to be part of a post-credit scene that would have tied into X-Men: Days of Future Past. Many thought the costume would show up there, but it didn't. When it came time for Logan, all costumes were ditched in favor of a real world Western. Many thought the costume would finally arrive on screen, but director James Mangold shut that down. He had this to say about why the costume just wouldn't work in that movie.

"I always feel a certain contingent of fans who are yearning for it. But the biggest block I've had, I'm willing to take the heat for it, is that, I can never get past, being a writer for these movies as well, that Logan is the least narcissistic of all the superheroes, any kind I can think of, Marvel, DC or anywhere else. What I mean by that is, who puts a special branded outfit on when they do good deeds? And why? The only reason you do it is so you can have some sort of trademarked claim and get credit for what you did. Nothing seems less Wolverine-like than the desire to put on a trademarked outfit , particularly canary yellow, and kind of prance about doing good deeds and have people go, "Oh my God! It's The Wolverine!" At least the Wolverine, as I see him, that's a real struggle for me and always has been. I somehow feel that if somehow we ever put Hugh [Jackman] into one of those outfits, people would not be happy. Essentially, it's something that lives on the page and I'm not sure could live anywhere else."

With this latest photo from the actor, which he shared on his official Hugh Jackman Twitter, we might actually get to see the action star suit up in that yellow and blue spandex yet.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange