The Wolverine has barely finished shooting, and fans are already jumping past that film to the next movie Logan will be a part of. Hugh Jackman's icon mutant was recently rumored to be a returning in X-Men: Days of Future Past, and now, the actor confirms that he has been discussing the film with director Bryan Singer, the man responsible for casting Jackman in 2000's X-Men.

Hugh Jackman also reveals that his Les Miserables co-star Russell Crowe is the one responsible for landing him the role of Logan in this long-running Marvel franchise. You can watch the Access Hollywood interview, followed by Hugh Jackman's comments.

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Hugh Jackman confirms his involvement in X-Men: Days of Future Past.

"There is an X-Men: First Class sequel, which Bryan Singer is directing, as you know. Which I think is awesome. It started with Bryan Singer. I know the fans are super excited. I did a three-hour, three word cameo in the last one. It literally took me three hours. As long as it took me to audition for Les Miserables. I have been talking to Bryan Singer about doing something in this. There will be more claws in this. The three is getting a little dull. Four maybe? I like that."

Hugh Jackman also talks about how Les Miserables co-star Russell Crowe helped land him the role of Logan in the X-Men franchise.

"Russell Crowe did turn down Wolverine. He turned it down and mentioned me to Bryan Singer. For that, right there, I owe him my career. You can't [pay him back for that]. I did give him a few beers the other night. I bought him a few beers and said, "Is that enough?" He said, "No."

Wolverine plays an important role in the storyline of X-Men: Days of Future Past. Having aged considerably, Logan leads a small group of mutant rebels who remain free and unharmed after the Sentinels have killed off most of their kind. The X-Men animated series has already done the story, which you can watch here.