Hugh Jackman has bowed out of the upcoming comedy Avon Man, which we reported he joined last July. Deadline New York is reporting that he will still be attached as a producer of the film, which Kevin Lima is directing for Fox.

The site also reports that Jackman's Avon Man departure is a likely indicator that he is prepping to step back into his Wolverine role for the sequel X-Men Origins: Wolverine 2. Christopher McQuarrie wrote the script for the sequel and, while no director has been attached as of yet, it was believed that Fox is getting the film ready to go into production next year.

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Avon Man was scheduled to start shooting in October and the site indicated that producers have started reaching out to other actors to fill in for Jackman. They still plan on making their October start date for the film. Avon Man, which was written by Allan Loeb, centers on an auto salesman who, after getting laid off, swallows his pride and takes a job selling Avon door-to-door. He then rallies his struggling town and laid-off co-workers to join him to help win a regional sales competition.

It was also reported that Jackman could shoot the Civil Rights film Selma for director Lee Daniels before shooting X-Men Origins: Wolverine 2. Jackman would portray Sherrif Jim Clark, whose arrest of Martin Luther King sparks the Civil Rights movement. No production schedule has been set for the film, but it is believed to have secured funding through The Weinstein Company, Pathe and Skyline Pictures.

We'll be sure to keep you posted on all of Hugh Jackman's upcoming projects as soon as more information comes in.