Earlier in the week, Daniel Craig opened up about his /spectre-daniel-craig-final-james-bond-movie/role as James Bond in the new 007 adventure Spectre. After blatantly calling the iconic character a misogynistic sexist, he ruminated on the idea that this could possibly be his last go at playing the secret agent. Of course, this caused a speculation storm, with fans from all over the world chiming in on who should be the next James Bond. Idris Elba seems to be at the top of everyone's most wanted list, even after one of the book authors had to apologize for calling him 'too street' for the role. Whether or not Idris Elba would ever seriously consider playing 007, he does have some imaginary competition in one of the most famous X-Men.

Yes, Hugh Jackman, who has played indestructible Mutant Wolverine in all 7 X-Men movies, is flirting with the idea of putting on that tux. Wolverine 3 will mark the Australian actor's final go at playing Logan. And he might just be looking for an all-new franchise to put under his belt. Appearing on the Australian entertainment news show The Program, he was asked if he wants to scoop up the mantle of the legendary super spy. His reply was simple.

"I'd seriously consider it."

Hugh Jackman went onto reveal that he was approached by the producers of James Bond to take on the role before the series wound up in the hands of Daniel Craig. While Hugh Jackman did entertain the idea, he ultimately had to pass. He was preparing for another turn as The Wolverine in X-Men: The Last Stand, which hit theaters the same year as Casino Royale. Hugh Jackman called passing on one of the world's biggest franchises one of the most difficult decisions he's ever had to make. If asked again, he might not walk away.

Ten years later, is Hugh Jackman still a viable candidate for 007? It was once believed that Skyfall and Spectre were part of a trilogy that would be wrapped up in an as yet unannounced film. But that idea became less likely the moment Sam Mendes, director of both previous films, said he's not returning. And now, Daniel Craig says he might be done too. Though he is under contract for a fifth film, the producers have already made it clear that they're not going to stand in his way if he decides to bail early. That said, the 47-year-old Daniel Craig is only one year older than Hugh Jackman, who is 46. It's possible that the team behind the Bond films wants someone younger.

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And maybe even a different color. Hollywood has been blasted more in recent years for a lack of diversity than ever before. And the cry to get someone with a different ethnic background to play Bond has been quite loud, with Idris Elba long leading the charge for a face-change. But will audiences accept that kind of radical departure? It's hard to say. Fans have been quite focal about their hate of the all-girl Ghostbusters. And a lot of people didn't like seeing Michael B. Jordan take over as The Human Torch in Fantastic Four. But the complainers seem to be a very loud minority. The majority probably wouldn't have a problem with a black James Bond as long as the movie was good. What do you think? Out of these two choices, would you rather see Hugh Jackman or Idris Elba as 007 ?

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange