IGN FilmForce caught up with Hugh Jackman about Wolverine, his in-production X-Men spinoff:

According to star and producer Hugh Jackman, if all goes to plan, fans can look forward to seeing Wolverine in his first solo, big screen adventure in late spring of 2008 ... "A summer release would be great though. Perhaps that's possible. But some things still need to fall into place."

Jackman added "We now have the final script, the final draft, which I absolutely love. For me, it's the most superior of them all. I know the fans are going to go crazy for it."

"For better or worse, I've played the role for three movies so it's a character that I know. I feel like I know what I want to achieve with the film, but [screenwriter] David [Beniof] has been very collaborative, and I'm not shy in telling him what I think. He'll say I disagree with you or whatever. But it's been a really terrific process so far."

What Jackman wants for Wolverine is this: "I don't want the film to appear at all like X-Men 4 in disguise. I want it to feel like a very fresh, whole new character piece. I want it to be a character movie. And by the end of the movie, I want it to be that you definitely knew who this guy was. Cool action, great characters, but ultimately that you totally know who Wolverine is. Like Mad Max and Dirty Harry. Characters I loved. He's a good guy, but he's not a nice guy. He's just the guy you want on your side. [David] really got that. He's one of the best character writers in Hollywood. He totally got it."

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