A trio of star actors are joining up for a fellow actor's writing and directorial debut. According to Variety, Hugh Jackman, Rachel Weisz and Robert Pattinson have all signed on to star in Unbound Captives. The project marks the feature writing and directing debut of actress Madeline Stowe, whose history with the project is compelling in and of itself.

Stowe was offered $3 million for the script by Fox, with Russell Crowe to star and Ridley Scott to direct, but she turned it down and turned down another $5 million offer for the script as well, because the deal didn't call for her to be anything more than just the film's writer.

"There was never a moment's hesitation on my part, but it felt unreal, and I can remember my husband putting a finger across his neck to signal not to take the offer," Stowe said. "There are moments in life where you need to follow your heart. The script remained my singular focus, but directing it myself wasn't something I ever dreamed of."

Producer Gil Netter came up with the idea for Stowe to direct the picture herself. The story revolves around a woman (Weisz) whose husband and son are captured by Commanche warriors in 1859, and is rescued by a frontiersman (Jackman). Pattinson is set to play the son. The film is said to enter production later this year.