Hugh Jackman went from big screen Mutant to real-life hero this weekend when he spring to the rescue of a couple kids caught in an Australian riptide. And it was all caught on video. The actor has become known as one of the more generous stars of his generation, and he certainly put his reputation to the test while out enjoying the surf at his local beach. When a dangerous riptide started to pull swimmers out at the beach, he didn't hesitate to jump in and lend a helping hand, perhaps saving a life or too. Two of the children were believed to be his own.

Hugh Jackman was just enjoying a lazy afternoon hanging out on the hot sand when a fierce current began pulling innocent swimmers out to sea. Acting quicker than Wolverine might himself, the actor sprang into action, wading out into the water, grabbing ahold of people, and pulling them back to shore. While he was doing this, other lifeguards arrived to help out the X-Men star.

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While a raging riptide might not be as threatening as Magneto or any other evil Mutant, it takes a strong body and will to be able to pull off this type of rescue. Swimming against a rip current is not an easy task, as you can see in the video below. But Hugh Jackman makes his rescue efforts seem almost effortless. Luckily, he was able to hold his own against this dangerous riptide, and didn't get hauled out to sea as well.

This act of bravery actually goes against the very nature of his on-screen counterpart Logan, whose bones are laced with indestructible metal. In the comic books, Wolverine has never been too fond of water, and there are many instances where he's been shown to struggle after being submerged. It's doubtful Logan would even be visiting the local beach, let alone willingly jump in to save drowning kids. He would have probably called some of his fellow mutants in to help out, standing dry on land while instructing the others on what to do next. And on another note, Hugh Jackman's character in Christopher Nolan's The Prestige actually drowns!

Luckily, the real-life Hugh Jackman is quite a proficient swimmer, and was able to lend his aid to the situation before it got completely out of hand. However you want to paint this picture, Hugh Jackman is a true-life hero who's a bit more noble than his on-screen counterparts. Hugh Jackman will next be seen as mutant Logan in 2017's Wolverine 3. Though, he might just show up to save the new kids in this summer's X-Men: Apocalypse. While we wait for him to return to being a superhero on the big screen, check it out as the actor becomes a superhero in real life.

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