It is difficult to think of two Hollywood actors more well-liked by fans and showbiz people alike than Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds. Which is what makes their long-standing feud all the more hilarious. In a recent interview with James Corden, Jackman weighed in on the reason behind the start of the feud, for which he placed the blame squarely on Reynold's shoulders.

"Who started it? Ryan started it. Insatiable need for attention. And it started with him calling me out. And starting an online petition to get me to come back for Wolverine. And, like, I've known Ryan for years I'm like 'Dude just private me, let's back it up. Let's just back this up and he just won't let go. He's like a dog with a bone. So we just keep going and going."
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In the past, Hugh Jackman has taken some measure of responsibility for instigating the feud, revealing that he used to take jabs at Reynolds on the sets of X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

"How did it start? It's gone back so long now... God, this is a classic sign where your feud has gone too long, where you don't even know why or how it started! [Laughs] I met him back on Wolverine, and I used to ream him because I was very close friends with Scarlett [Johansson], and Scarlett had just married Ryan, so when he came on set I was like, Hey, you better be on your best behavior here, pal, because I'm watching, and we started ribbing each other that way, and then it all escalated with the Deadpool thing and him calling me out, and trying to manipulate me through social media to do what he wanted. [Laughs]"

So whether or not Johansson had anything to do with starting the feud, it is clear that Deadpool and Wolverine were the main cause of the escalation and continuation of the feud. The first Deadpool movie took referenced both Jackman the actor, and the character of Wolverine that he played onscreen. The movie also joined X-Men fans in hating on X-Men Origins: Wolverine and what that film did to the character of Wade Wilson.

Of course, the whole feud is nothing but a way for both actors, who are good friends in real life, to have fun on social media. Ryan Reynolds has repeatedly declared that his dearest wish is to have Jackman put on the claws one more time for a Deadpool/Wolverine crossover.

While Jackman has steadfastly refused the offer so far, his character did show up in Deadpool 2. When the Merc' with the Mouth travels back in time to kill his previous movie incarnation, he briefly interacts with Logan from that film. In that instance, the footage was just Jackman's scenes from X-Men Origins: Wolverine and was not exactly the epic mashup between the two beloved Marvel characters that fans have been clamoring for. But the MCU now opening itself up to both Deadpool, the X-Men, and the multiverse, you never know what kind of crossovers we get to see over time.