The neverending feud between Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds is about to get heated once again. After years of taking shots at one another, Jackman and Reynolds will next pit their products head to head against each other as part of a partnership with Sam's Club. Specifically, Jackman's brand of coffee will be competing against Reynolds' gin with online fan votes determining which of the two products is more popular. Both products will also be sold in Sam's Club stores starting on Nov. 10.

In a video ad posted to Twitter, Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds can be seen facing off with duel-style music playing in the background. "We're bringing The Feud to @SamsClub," Jackman writes in the caption. "We're bringing The Feud to @SamsClub. I only agreed to do this because it's for two great foundations. And, it's always an awesome day when I get to humiliate @VancityReynolds."

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It was 2011 when Jackman first launched his Laughing Man Coffee company. After opening cafés in Manhattan and selling the brew online, the product officially became a brand for Keurig. As Jackman makes enough money to get by from his acting career, he donates all profits made from coffee sales to the Laughing Man Foundation, a charity that supports educational programs, community development, and social entrepreneurs all over the world.

Meanwhile, Reynolds has also taken to beverage sales after acquiring a stake in Aviation American Gin in 2018. Back in March, the actor donated 30% of the online sales of Aviation Gin to the United States Bartenders' Guild, providing financial assistance for industry workers who'd lost income with the national shutdown putting them out of work. The promotion lasted until May, greatly benefiting the Bartender Emergency Assistance Program.

As of now, it's not exactly clear what will happen for the winner, but it seems likely that monetary donations will be made to a charity of their choice. Jackman will most likely be representing his Laughing Man Foundation that he's been donating to since its establishment nearly a decade ago. As Jackman also tagged the SickKids Foundation, a charity supporting The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, it would appear that this could be who Reynolds will be competing for.

Jackman and Reynolds have now been trolling each other for many years. This includes consistent verbal jabs on social media, but the feud has gone much further than that on several occasions. Hijacking or interrupting television interviews is another way the two have messed with one another publicly. Even in character, Reynolds poked some fun at Jackman in Deadpool by having his character wearing a mask with Jackman's face; Jackman responded with a social media video holding a Reynolds mask.

Of course, the feud between Jackman and Reynolds seems to all be in good fun, and as the Logan star has stated, it's even better when the quarrel can be used to benefit others. You can purchase Laughing Man Coffee and Aviation Gin in Sam's Club locations starting on Nov. 10, and you'll be able to vote for your favorite online. This news comes to us from Hugh Jackman on Twitter.