X3 & X4:X3 Movie.net posted a scoop a few days back about the possibilty of Hugh Jackman having already signed a deal to star as 'Wolverine' in 2 more X-Men movies. Take a look:

We've just recieved word, that 20th Century Fox is looking to sign a two-picture deal w/ X2 actor, Hugh Jackman. Although few of X2's actors are already signed to return, Hugh is the only original cast member, that is being offered a new deal, for two films. Though the exact price is unknown, we hear that the full price could equal to around $20 million. The two-picture deal would include X3, and a possible WOLVERINE spin-off film. Or, should Wolverine not appear in X3, then it would go towards two WOLVERINE films...or vice versa!

Thanks to DH for the scoop!