As The Wolverine makes its way home on Blu-ray and DVD December 3, Hugh Jackman is out and about doing the routine press rounds. Luckily for him, 20th Century Fox has announced an as-yet-untitled third solo movie for Wolverine prior to his latest tour.

While he doesn't quite know what it's about yet, the actor, who has played adamantium-laced mutant Logan in seven movies, the newest being X-Men: Days of Future Past coming this summer, does have some cool ideas. But he doesn't want to just jump directly into it.

"I was on the phone with James Mangold last night. There are some really cool ideas that I'm dying to tell you, but that would be giving away a secret that is not even [fully] formed yet.

I don't want to dive into another one until we have a compelling reason to do another one. I love the character, he's kind of like a best friend to me, and I don't ever want to take [him] or the fans for granted. ... I think we've got a great opportunity to make something really cool, but it has to be great. That's what we're all working toward."

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Hugh Jackman then talked about his contract, which many thought was up after X-Men: Days of Future Past finished shooting earlier this year. He also reveals that he enjoys the vintage years of this particular mutant, and playing an older Logan.

"I kind of am enjoying him more than ever... Being older helps playing Wolverine. He's 200 or 300 years old - no one really knows - and he's sort of world-weary. The actual working out gets harder and harder, I'll admit.

I started with a two-picture deal on the first two, and from that point on, it's been movie by movie - not just me, but Fox and everyone. I do want to do it with James Mangold and with [producer] Lauren Shuler Donner because we had such a great experience. I'm really proud of The Wolverine."

Wolverine 3 isn't the only movie on the horizon. Next, Hugh Jackman stars in Neill Blomkamp's third directorial feature Chappie, which follows this past summer's Elysium and 2009's District 9. He offered a little insight into the project.

"It's a very, very, very good script - very interesting. I can't wait to work with Neill. It's going to surprise people in a lot of ways. He's a real visionary."

He then quickly commented on the fight between him and his much smaller co-star Dev Patel.

"[I'll] crush him! I'm not in it for a close call.

No stranger to musicals, Hugh Jackman is also gearing up for Houdini, based on the Broadway show. Here's what he had to say about that.

"I loved the original production on Broadway - incredibly funny and terrific, great fun. I was not sure how that would translate [to film], but the script at the moment is wonderful. I think they're trying to put the movie together, I don't think it's fully together yet, but they are talking to me about it, and I'm very interested in it."
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