Sci Fi Wire caught up with Hugh Jackman about the upcoming X-Men sequel based upon his Logan/Wolverine character. He said that a second script draft has already been completed and that if X-Men: The Last Stand us successful, that 20th Century Fox will surely green light the film.

In an interview, Jackman said : "It's probably going to be a prequel to the movies that exist, and I've just seen -- not just, but about three months ago I saw -- the second draft that David Benioff [Troy] has done." He added "You probably know David. He's a huge fan of the franchise and probably one of the hottest writers in town, and so the lucky thing that I have is him as a partner on this and, for me playing Wolverine, that [they're the] A lists of the A lists, and there are a number of them that are passionate and want to work on it." Jackman went on to say "So I think and they think that there is enough in this character to substantiate not just an appendage to the movie that exists, but an entity on its own. I don't want to make Wolverine be a kind of disguise for X-Men 4. I want to make it stylistically and character-wise as different as we can and show some new stuff. I play him, and I would [be expected to] say this, but I think that he is one of the most interesting characters in terms of action heroes and comic-book heroes around."

X-Men: The Last Stand hits theatres May 26.

If the project is approved, production on the Wolverine movie would start in 2007.