With the Oscar season heating up, talk has turned to who will host this year's 81st Annual Academy Awards, and the Academy seems set on a host that may surprise you. According to Deadline Hollywood Daily, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences have made an offer to actor Hugh Jackman to host this year's awards... but that doesn't mean he's hosting for sure.

It appears that, while Jackman is very interested in the offer, Jackman and his reps want to know what he will be expected to do, and it seems one of the show's trademark's might not happen if Jackman hosts: the joke-ladened opening monologue.

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"I don't want that for him," an insider told the site. "He is an actor with big movies behind him and one coming this summer. He didn't work the last 20 years to suddenly be a stand-up comedian."

"If this is a different version of the Oscars than in previous years, then Hugh would be great," the insider added. "But I have no interest in him being Billy Crystal."

The site is reporting that the news of Jackman's announcement could come as early as Tuesday, if the negotiations are all ironed out, but it might come after the holidays.

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UPDATE: (11 AM PST) The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Jackman has been confirmed by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to host this year's Oscar telecast.