Director Martin Scorsese's 3D adaptation Hugo Cabret will hit theaters on November 23, and it will feature a surprise appearance by Johnny Depp. Take a look at a brand new set photo, which features Johnny Depp in the background as Monsieur Rouleau, with Chloe Moretz and Asa Butterfield. We also have Johnny Depp's shooting schedule below.

Hugo Cabret Johnny Depp Photo
Hugo Cabret Johnny Depp Shooting Schedule

The photo came from a story in the French magazine Le Parisian about photographer Brigitte Lacombe. Here's what an insider, who also provided the shooting schedule, had to say.

"The scan is from an article about photographer Brigitte Lacombe in an issue of Le Parisien from last week. The translated caption reads: 'left to right, Johnny Depp as M. Rouleau, Chloe Moretz as Isabella (sic), and Asa Butterfield as Hugo.'

I also included Depp's shooting schedule for the film. His role, Monsieur Rouleau, is character #11."

Johnny Depp's involvement in Hugo Cabret was previously unknown. It isn't said how large the role of Monsieur Rouleau is.