The Matrix: Reloaded: Hugo Weaving recently spoke with Sci-Fi Wire about his role as Agent Smith in the newest Matrix film. He also revealed some plot details...check it out:

"Essentially, there is the journey of Neo [Keanu Reeves] into a greater understanding of himself and how this whole world came about. He has a very strong journey towards truth—his own truth and the truth of the Matrix and the creation of the Matrix. Then there is another strong storyline, which is the attack of Zion by the machines, Zion being the refuge for human beings. Those are the two very strong thrusts of the films, if you like. Smith has become liberated and is in some way pretty much the same character, except that his ego is expanded, and he is in the process of replicating himself. I think the idea was to move forward. There was a 20-minute compilation that we saw about halfway through the shoot of what we'd shot, and it was quite astounding what was put together. I think in terms of breaking new ground, technically certainly, it's moving ahead. The [Wachowski brothers, who wrote and directed the movies,] always thought, 'This is what we want. We can't achieve it. It's impossible to achieve it at this stage, so let's invent something so that we can achieve it.'"

In addition, new crew articles are up at the official site describing the process of making models and special effects for the film. CLICK HERE

Superman: According to IGN Filmforce, the rumor about Charlie Sheen portraying Lex Luthor in the new Superman movie has been shot down by Brett Ratner's reps. For the details, CLICK HERE

The Amazing Spider-man: New pics from the set are up at Superhero Hype. CLICK HERE

In addition, Coming Attractions has a report about a designer getting fired because he wasn't creating Dock Ock's tentacles correctly. For the full story, CLICK HERE

Rocky VI & Rambo 4:Empire Online has some details about Stallone's big come back to the ring with the proposed Rocky VI. Empire is also reporting that Stallone is currently working on another Rambo film. For details, CLICK HERE

Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers: Reports from the London premiere are flooding the net. Check out the list below for the coverage:

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In addition, Dark Horizons has transcribed an interview that recently occurred with Peter Jackson on CBBC Newsround.

Here's what Jackson had to say about the progress of Return Of The King:

"We've got a rough cut. And I just started last week, before I came over here, I started to do the final cutting of it which will take me about three months. And then there's all the visual effects to do and the music and everything else so we're pretty busy next year. The third one is my favourite I think of the three".

Here's what Jackson had to say about the TTT DVD:

"Two Towers" DVD? "There's some great scenes - good stuff with Merry and Pippin and Treebeard. A couple of good Gollum scenes actually that we're going to put on the DVD that we didn't end up using in the film. There'll probably be about the same amount of footage roughly as there was for the Fellowship - about 30 - 35 minutes worth of footage."

In another respect, Miranda Otto talked to Sci-Fi Wire about her role in the upcoming film. CLICK HERE

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