Hugo Weaving:Movie Hole recently got the inside scoop on actor Hugo Weaving, best know as the 'Agent Smith' character in the The Matrix movies, and his upcoming slate...

First up, he'll play a - polar opposite to his "Matrix" persona - swagging hero in a new Jackie Chan vehicle called "The Myth". An adventure film in the vein of "Indiana Jones", the film sees Chan playing an archeologist-for-hire (in that he's enlisted by every company and their dog the moment they want something recovered) who is enlisted to track down the Tomb of the Chin Dynasty.

Next, Weaving has a role in "Little Fish", Rowan Wood's new film about a troubled woman in Sydney's little Saigon district. Martin Henderson and Cate Blanchett will co-star.

"The Myth" has already commenced principal photography, whilst "Little Fish" lenses in October.