Stan Lee must be feeling a little better, as he takes recently trolled Dwayne Johnson over his throwback picture as the Hulk from last Halloween. The 95-year old Lee recently announced that he is battling pneumonia, explaining that's the reason he hasn't been on social media much lately. However, just a day later and Lee is on Dwayne Johnson's Instagram, poking a little bit of good natured fun at the action superstar.

For throwback Thursday, Dwayne Johnson posted a picture of himself as the Hulk from Halloween of last year. Johnson looks excellent as a non-CGI version of the Marvel character, but his hair is freaking terrible, which he addresses in his caption. Johnson is seen with a sad face because of his awful hair that looks like it was cut with a lawnmower. He explains.

"TBT to when I was ready to smash everything in sight as the Incredible Hulk for Halloween, but then became sad because I had a f*cked up haircut."

Stan Lee saw this opportunity to repost Dwayne Johnson's Hulk photo and have some fun with it. The comic book legend is known for his quirky sense of humor and his cameos in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that feature his humor and he perfectly reminded Johnson of one of his last MCU cameos from Thor: Ragnarok. Lee had this to say.

"You know I played a barber in #thorragnarok, Dwayne. I could have fixed that hairdo for you!"

Lee hilariously played the "barber" that cut Thor's hair. While the scene was funny, the end result was actually really good, so Stan Lee could've probably given Dwayne Johnson a pretty good fictitious haircut. Stan Lee has had some ups and downs since the year began, but it's good to see him back to his witty self on social media. The comic book legend has been accused of sexual misconduct by a masseuse and recently had a ton of money stolen from his bank account along with a house bought in his name, which he did not buy. If that wasn't enough, the LAPD was called to his house a few weeks ago after his former bodyguard would not leave his property. It's no wonder that he came down with pneumonia, really.

Dwayne Johnson has yet to respond to Stan Lee's expert trolling session, but one can imagine that he thought it was pretty funny. As for Stan Lee cameos in the MCU, he was most recently seen in Black Panther in the South Korean casino scene where he slyly moves in on a table to take T'Challa's winnings right before the fight begins. It's been reported that he has some more future cameos already filmed, so we'll definitely get to see him in Infinity War and the still untitled Avengers 4. You can check out the epic trolling job below, from Stan Lee's Instagram page.

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Kevin Burwick