Chris Hemsworth as wrestling legend Hulk Hogan is one of the more curious-yet-somehow-brilliant casting decisions of recent years, with this new artwork demonstrating just how well the Thor: Ragnarök star can step into Mr. America's garish, yellow boots. Imagining what a teaser poster for the Hulk Hogan movie might look like, the artwork disguises Hemsworth with Hogan's all-important trademark bleached blond handlebar mustache and mullet, as well as his reflective sunglasses and Hulkmania bandana.

As if that were not enough of a treat, the poster featuring Hemsworth is followed up with one depicting fellow Marvel Cinematic Universe star and Captain America himself, Chris Evans, as Macho Man Randy Savage. Another popular wrestler of the time, and part of a tag team with Hogan before igniting a bitter rivalry, Randy Savage is likely to be included in the Hulk Hogan biopic movie, though who will be portraying him has yet to be revealed. Based on how good he looks in the glittery cowboy hat and frayed jacket, the biopic could do a lot worse than a Hemsworth/Evans reunion.

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Hemsworth discussed his preparation for the role recently, with the already hulking actor stating that he would be adding even more size to his large frame in order to be depict the WWE icon. "This movie is going to be a really fun project," he said. "As you can imagine, the preparation for the role will be insanely physical. I will have to put on more size than I ever have before, even more than I put on for Thor. There is the accent as well as the physicality and the attitude."

"I will also have to do a deep dive into the rabbit hole of the wrestling world, which I'm really looking forward to doing," Chris Hemsworth added, before noting that he will be dying his hair blonde and even adding in some balding (as well as the mustache, of course) in order to complete Hogan's trademark look.

Hemsworth is clearly delighted to be given the opportunity to explore the bizarre world of wrestling on Netflix, with the actor saying previously how "fascinated" is by the sport. "Look, I haven't read a script yet. I know it's being written now and worked on. I know very little about that. It's sort of in the process now," he said back in April. "I'm just fascinated by that world, and I think they're pretty keen to show a side of the world that people haven't seen before. I'm as intrigued as you are."

The as-yet-untitled movie will follow Hulk Hogan's rise through the Wrestling ranks during the 1980s, and will likely cover the explosion of Hulkamania in the WWF during the Rock 'n' Wrestling Era. The movie will no doubt feature portrayals of other legends of the sport including the likes of Roddy Piper, King Kong Bundy, Andre The Giant, Randy Savage, The Ultimate Warrior, and Sgt. Slaughter. The project was first announced back in February last year, with Joker's Todd Phillips rumored to direct, though as of now this is unconfirmed, with the rest of the cast remaining unknown. Currently, Netflix holds exclusive rights to the movie's release. This artwork comes to us courtesy of the official Boss Logic Instagram.