People are saying the boat widely known as "Boaty McBoatface" looks exactly like Hulk Hogan, and you won't be able to unsee the comparison once you take a look at it. Officially called the RSS Sir David Attenborough, the Natural Environment Research Council's research vessel had previously been dubbed Boaty McBoatface when a poll to name the ship when viral. It has since been noticed that when you take a look at the boat directly from the front, it bears a striking resemblance to WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan. Complete with blonde eyebrows, tanned skin, and the trademark handlebar mustache, you could almost swear you were looking at the legendary wrestler. Take a peek at it for yourself below.

NERC has the internet to thank for the RRS Sir David Attenborough getting its most peculiar nickname. In 2016, NERC had begun polling the public for suggestions on what to call the then-unnamed vessel. At the start, NERC made it clear they would have the final say and that the most popular choice wouldn't necessarily be the one used. After someone jokingly suggested they officially name it Boaty McBoatface, the idea quickly went viral online. This resulted in Boaty McBoatface winning the poll in a landslide with over 124,000 people voting for the name. It was later announced that the boat would instead be officially named after naturalist Sir David Attenborough, but as a compromise, one of the ship's remote-controlled submersibles would still be called Boaty McBoatface.

Hulk Hogan first became a household name in the '80s by dominating the world of professional wrestling. His legendary feuds against such foes as Andre the Giant, the Ultimate Warrior, and Randy "Macho Man" Savage helped make sports entertainment more popular than it had ever been before. Additionally, Hogan's popularity transcended pro wrestling, as he became a very recognizable pop culture figure even for those who didn't watch him perform. He would appear in movies like Rocky III and make constant television and public appearances outside of the wrestling world. Because of his larger than life persona and incredibly unique appearance, Hogan remains one of the most recognizable celebrities in the world.

Recently, Hogan returned to the WWE once again. Continuing his decades-long feud against Ric Flair, Hogan and Flair will both organize five-man teams to compete against each other at this month's pay-per-view event Crown Jewel. Now 66 years old and suffering from the effects of a career in wrestling and its subsequent injuries and surgeries, seeing Hogan ever wrestle in a WWE ring again seems like a longshot, but for fans of the wrestler, it's nice to see him make the occasional appearances on WWE television... as well as on research vessels.

It seems highly unlikely that the boat's resemblance to Hulk Hogan was intentionally designed to be that way. In any case, the WWE Hall of Famer's face can be clearly seen on the boat, and there's no unseeing it once you take a look at the images. Perhaps it's time to rename the ship once again. The resemblance between the boat and Hulk Hogan was tweeted by Richard Innes on Twitter.

Jeremy Dick at Movieweb
Jeremy Dick