The Hulk Hogan Biopic starring Chris Hemsworth was huge news earlier this week. Even The Iron Sheik got in on the casting news fun, but it has left a lot of questions as to who else will star as the legendary 1980s wrestlers in the biopic. Sheik wants to play himself, but graphic artist BossLogic has an idea for Randy the Macho Man Savage and it's pretty genius. The artist has drawn up what Hemsworth would look like as Hogan and then added Avengers: Endgame co-star Chris Evans as the Macho Man.

It was already pretty easy to imagine Chris Hemsworth as the Hulkster, but we hadn't really thought of Captain America star Chris Evans as Randy the Macho Man Savage before, and now that's all we can think of. The look is a bit of a stretch, but one can easily imagine Evans and Hemsworth going toe-to-toe in the ring for the upcoming Hulk Hogan Biopic. Thankfully, BossLogic's work is on point as always. You may notice that the name in the poster is actual Lucas Lee, which is Chris Evan's character from Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. Also an actor, though a bit more smoldering and cocky than Evans in real life, it appears that Lee, not Evans, is actually a better match for the Machoman.

The Iron Sheik might be a little too old to jump into the ring again and Chris Evans probably isn't going to really play the Macho Man, which means that there is going to be a lot of epic roles to fill in the Hulk Hogan Biopic. It's not clear how far the movie will go into the Hulkster's early days, but the WWF is what made him a star, along with the supporting WWE wrestlers who were also gigantic rock stars at the time. Sure, the movie is going to be focused on Hogan, but we're going to need to see some of the iconic WWF fighters.

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As for BossLogic, or should we say Nikolai Baslajik, he recently received a huge shout out on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Jake Gyllenhaal was on the show and the host pulled out a picture that the graphic artist had doctored of Hugh Jackman, Ryan Reynolds, and Gyllenhaal. The Spider-Man: Far From Home actor then explained where the art came from and he and Fallon riffed on BossLogic's name. The graphic artist's career has been building for a while now, but it's great to see him getting the mainstream recognition that he deserves.

Other than Chris Hemsworth, the Hulk Hogan movie doesn't have any other names attached at this time. Todd Phillips is on board to direct the biopic, which will debut on Netflix in the near future. No release date has been set for the project. Hopefully, the biopic takes on as many of the iconic WWF wrestlers from the 1980s as possible and shows the Hulkster in his 1980s prime taking on The Iron Sheik and Randy the Macho Man Savage. You can check out the awesome art below, thanks to BossLogic's Twitter account. You can also check out Jake Gyllenhaal shouting out BossLogic below.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick