We may or may not have seen the last of the MCU's Incredible Hulk, as even Mark Ruffalo has no clue what's next for the green superhero. Beginning with the first Avengers movie in 2012, Ruffalo has been a mainstay in the MCU, though he never actually played the role in his own solo movie. He did reprise the role in Thor: Ragnarok and each Avengers sequel, most recently starring as Bruce Banner in last year's Endgame. At this point, it remains unclear if we'll ever see Ruffalo's Hulk again, as even the actor himself is unaware of any plans at Marvel and Disney to use the character moving forward.

Speaking on The Graham Norton Show, Mark Ruffalo addressed his potential future as the Hulk in the MCU, and as it turns out, he doesn't know any more than the rest of us. "Who knows, really," Ruffalo said when asked if he would ever be reprising the role again. "It is supposed to be over and that was supposed to be the end," Ruffalo adds, suggesting that his Hulk's story arc concluded with Avengers: Endgame. While the Hulk could still potentially show up in any of the upcoming MCU movies on the board, it's also worth noting there are no solo Hulk movies or Avengers sequels in the works, making it just as possible that the Hulk's swan song has been sung.

For fans of Ruffalo's Hulk, let's not lose hope just yet on seeing him back in the role. There's a She-Hulk TV series set in the MCU currently in production for Disney+, and Ruffalo has already said he'd be open to appearing on the show if given the opportunity. In Marvel Comics lore, the She-Hulk is in actuality Bruce Banner's cousin who acquires some of his Hulk-like abilities because of an emergency blood transfusion between the two. If the series gives the superheroine a similar origin story, it'd make perfect sense to bring back Ruffalo for the TV series.

Ruffalo has also expressed his interest in a possible X-Men crossover movie. Last November, he told fans he'd been discussing potential movie ideas with Marvel head Kevin Feige, and admitted he'd like to see a Hulk Vs. Wolverine movie. As of now, Wolverine and the X-Men have yet to appear in the MCU, but their introduction is just a matter of time now that their run of movies at Fox is over. The only issue here is that it could take years before this happens, meaning a potential Hulk and X-Men crossover movie probably isn't going to be entering production anytime soon.

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Maybe there are no plans set in stone at the moment for Ruffalo to come back to the big or small screen as the Hulk, but it feels like there's a good chance we'll see his version of the character again one day. The MCU is moving into its next phase, but there are no plans to bring an end to the movie universe anytime soon, meaning the possibilities to bring him back in some fashion are nearly endless. Hopefully we'll at least see him appear in the upcoming She-Hulk series. Ruffalo's comments from The Graham Norton Show come to us from ComicBook.com.

Jeremy Dick at Movieweb
Jeremy Dick