Even though Wolverine is owned by Fox and Hulk resides with Marvel Studios over in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, fans have dreamed of seeing the two meet on screen in live-action in some form or another. While most people want to see the two legendary Marvel characters fight, there is also some who wouldn't mind seeing the recent Wolverine and Hulk hybrid that debuted in the Weapons of Mutant Destruction storyline. Now, we know what that could look like if it were to ever happen in the MCU, and it is pretty awesome.

Artist BossLogic took to Twitter in order to show off his rendition of what the "Hulkverine" could look like in an MCU movie. BossLogic very regularly does versions of characters based on fan casting or rumored casting, but occasionally he will just pull from the wishing well of things that will never happen, such as this. His version of the deadly hybrid mutant, dubbed Weapon H, clearly takes inspiration from Mark Ruffalo's Hulk, but gives him Wolverine's signature adamantium claws and a super mean look in his eye.

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"Weapon (H)ulk version as requested"

This unholy, intimidating and deadly creation made its debut in the Weapons of Mutant Destruction storyline this year and was the creation of William Stryker. Hulkverine was created to destroy all mutants, but it was actually the Amadeus Cho version of Hulk who was used to make the creation and not Bruce Banner. Since this is the MCU vision of the hybrid, it would definitely be Bruce Banner, considering that very few people who don't regularly read Marvel Comics know who Amadeus Cho is.

Unfortunately, as cool as this hybrid looks, it will probably never happen in live-action form. As mentioned, Fox owns the rights to the entire X-Men franchise, including Wolverine, with Hulk's rights divided between Marvel Studios and Universal. Marvel is allowed to use Hulk in team-up movies, but Universal still owns the rights to the solo movies. Plus, Marvel and Fox don't seem interested in making any deals to have characters show up in the MCU. So, this remains a pipe dream. Not to mention that Hugh Jackman hung up the claws as Wolverine after Logan, so there is no current actor to play the mutant in such a movie.

Hulk and Wolverine have been tied to one another ever since Wolverine's debut in The Incredible Hulk #181. The two have squared off several times since, including in the Hulk vs. Wolverine 2009 animated movie. Perhaps we could see some version of the Hulkverine hybrid show up in an animated feature at some point? If that ever does happen, all we can do is hope it could look half as cool as this take on the character does. Be sure to check out BossLogic's take on the Wolverine and Hulk hybrid in the MCU for yourself below.