There may not have been anybody on the planet asking for them, but the twisted minds at Unnecessary Inventions have designed a gummy candy inspired by the gross-out horror flick The Human Centipede. Although the taste is likely to be very pleasantly sugary and sweet, the design of the gummies is not quite so appealing. Bearing a resemblance to the vision of the mad scientist's creation in the movie, each gummy features three people attached together in a particularly crude way which is bound to spoil your appetite.

In The Human Centipede, Dieter Laser stars as mad scientist Dr. Josef Heiter. The story follows him kidnapping three tourists with the intention of developing a "human centipede" by stitching one victim's mouth to the anus of another. Ashley C. Williams, Ashlynn Yennie, and Akihiro Kitamura also starred as the lucky ones to be a part of this apparent "pet project." Heiter's plan is ultimately successful, as the surgical modifications bring the demented doctor's vision into a horrifying reality for his victims. The movie has continued to leave a lasting legacy due to its disturbing content after nearly 14 years, and has often been spoofed in addition to inspiring tasty new candies.

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Questionable source material aside, the process in which the Human Centipede gummies are made is a rather interesting one. It's fully explored in a YouTube video from Unnecessary Inventions, detailing the entire process. The first step is to create silicone molds, which is done using a 3D printer. Gelatin mixtures of varying colors and flavors are then mixed and added to the molds, which includes creating the long, singular digestive tract to spread through all three gummy humans. Perhaps surprisingly so, the gummies turn out very well, and at a glance, they certainly look good enough to eat, so bust out your Human Centipede ugly Christmas Sweater and serves these treats for the Holidays.

Written and directed by Tom Six, The Human Centipede was released in 2006, instantly gaining a reputation as one of the grossest movies to ever be conceived. Based on its controversial nature, it conjured up a lot of interest, and two meta-sequels would follow in 2011 and 2015. In the follow-up movies, the "centipede" would grow to extraordinary lengths by adding many more humans to the line, which includes the third movie's concept of using all of the inmates of a crowded prison to experiment with. Still, while the sequels bear plenty of disgusting and disturbing content of their own, perhaps the grossest of all is still the original, as it was our first exposure to the ridiculous concept.

This Human Centipede treat isn't likely to be as popular as Gummi Bears or Sour Gummi Worms, but taking a look at them is certainly very amusing. For an added challenge, you would eat the gummies as a movie snack when actually watching the horrific scenes from the movie playing out in all of its disgusting detail. You can see the full process of the Human Centipede gummies getting made by watching the video below, courtesy of Unnecessary Inventions on YouTube.