National Geographic Channel examines the human affect on the planet. We're not simply talking about fossil fuels, however they are definitely addressed in the program. This show follows two people, a boy and a girl, from infancy through their 70s and explains how much we each use and produce in our lifetimes, from the number of diapers, pints of milk, water, soap, beef, bananas, oranges, shampoo, refrigerators, cars, and just about everything that goes into a human lifetime.

The show also explains how the products are not all created in one place. For example, a car is comprised of parts from around the globe. And have you ever really looked at your sneakers? Do you know how many parts and components go into one sneaker?

They lay out all the elements of an average American lifetime, which will most likely surprise most viewers. Elizabeth Vargas hosts this interesting look at our relationship with the planet, one person at a time. Looking at how much one American human consumes and discards in 77 years 9 months is amazing. It's an eye-opener, to say the least.

One person's impact on the planet is incredible, and Vargas explains how we can each cut down on our footprint by simple tasks. Granted, this is a plea to reduce energy, but it is also a way to examine what goes into our lives, year by year.

Human Footprint premiers Sunday April 13 at 9 PM ET/PT on the National Geographic Channel.