Welcome to today's edition of Nerd Alert, where we have all the quirky, nerdy news that you crave in one convenient spot. What do we have in store for you on this magnificent Monday? Learn the origins of every Suicide Squad character in under 5 minutes, listen to an audience react to Halloween way back in 1979 and watch a comprehensive breakdown of every killer android in the Terminator franchise. But today we get started with a Hunger Games and Game of Thrones mashup and a touching Harry Potter tribute, set to the Furious 7 song "See You Again." So, sit back, relax and check out all that today's Nerd Alert has to offer.

Hunger Games Meets Game of Thrones In a New Mashup

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It's kind of surprising that no one has thought of this sooner, but the timing couldn't be more perfect. David Elmaleh has put together a fantastic mashup of The Hunger Games franchise and Game of Thrones. The element that ties these two together is THG's President Snow (Donald Sutherland) and GoT's Jon Snow (Kit Harington) in this fantastic video.

Harry Potter Tribute Set To Furious 7 song "See You Again"

Youtuber theredsoxfan18 has put together a touching tribute to the Harry Potter franchise, using the tear-jerking song "See You Again" from Furious 7. The song by Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth played during the movie's emotional send-off of the late Paul Walker, but this time around it sets the tone for some of the heart-wrenching scenes from the Harry Potter series. Keep a box of Kleenex handy...

A Video Guide to Every On-Screen Terminator

With Terminator Genisys currently playing in theaters, io9 has put together a handy four-minute video that explores every single Terminator used in all five movies, including the T-3000 from Terminator Genisys. There will be spoilers for Terminator Genisys if you haven't seen it yet. Since the planned sequels may not be moving forward, this could be the most comprehensive video guide, now and forever.

Learn the Origins of Every Suicide Squad Member

Director David Ayer brought the first Suicide Squad footage to Comic-Con earlier this year, with the trailer leaked and then released to the public a few days later. Things And Stuff has put together an intriguing video that breaks down the comic book origins of these super-villains. It remains to be seen if the superhero adaptation will follow these same origins from the comics, but it's still an insightful video nonetheless.

Listen To A Terrified Audience React to Halloween in 1979

In October 1979, one year after the classic horror film Halloween was released, the Vine Theater in Hollywood, California held a re-release, where audio was captured from this terrified audience. JackOSkull has matched up the audio with footage from the classic, and even one year after it hit theaters, Halloween was still terrifying movie-goers. We don't know if these audience members had seen the movie before, or if it was their first time, but it clearly still had an impact.

The History of Aliens in Film

Digg has dug deep through cinematic history for this wonderful three-minute video that encapsulates the history of aliens being shown on film. A lot has changed since Georges Méliès' A Trip to the Moon in 1902, and you can watch how these extraterrestrial life forms have evolved on the big screen in the past century.

50 "Impossible Facts" About the Mission: Impossible Franchise

Mr. Sunday Movies is back with a 10-minute video breaking down 50 facts about the massive Mission: Impossible franchise, just days before Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation hits theaters. Starting with 1996's Mission: Impossible, this video offers a number of interesting trivia tidbits, including the fact that this first movie was the only one in the franchise that doesn't feature a gunfight.

King of the Hill Intro Re-Created in Grand Theft Auto V

IGN has put together an amusing but brief video that re-creates the opening sequence of the animated hit King of the Hill into the hit video game Grand Theft Auto V. It doesn't feature any of the game's signature violence, but seeing as these GTA V videos seem to be popping up every week, don't be surprised to see Hank Hill and his beer-swilling buddies leave their patch of lawn and create some mayhem in the near future.

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