One benefit of having a major movie franchise is that they tend to make a whole lot of money at the box office. Another benefit, at least recently, is that studios can then parlay that success into opening a theme park centered on these franchises. That is exactly what Lionsgate is about to do with some of their biggest titles as they are set to open a theme park in South Korea that will be based on movies like Saw, Twilight and The Hunger Games.

The new theme park will reportedly feature seven different "zones" based around different movies produced by Lionsgate. As reported by Entertainment Weekly, the park will be called Lionsgate Movie World and will be part of the massive Jeju Shinhwa World resort in South Korea. The movies that are set to be featured at the park include The Hunger Games, Twilight, Now You See Me, Divergent, Saw, The Cabin In The Woods and the upcoming Robin Hood, which stars Taron Egerton in the title role and is set for release in 2018. Here's what Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer had to say about it.

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"We're pleased to partner with our friends at Landing International, one of Asia's premier developers, on our first branded outdoor theme park and one of our largest and most exciting location-based entertainment destinations. Our partners are creating a world-class resort that will be the perfect home for our theme park. Under the leadership of Tim Palen, Kerry Phelan and Jenefer Brown, and driven by a valuable portfolio of intellectual property, we have built a global location-based entertainment business in just three short years, and Lionsgate Movie World promises to become one of its crown jewels."

Lionsgate Movie World is said to occupy 1.3 million square feet and will feature rides, attractions, cafes, restaurants, and live performances based on the aforementioned movies. So if you've ever wanted to know how scary it would be to participate in a Saw game, you may want to plan a visit to South Korea. At the present time, no specific attractions were announced, but there is plenty to work with given the scope of most of those franchises and there is a lot of diversity in there as well. Some horror, some magic, some old school fun and plenty of YA appeal.

This comes as Disney is getting ready to open their massive Star Wars themed expansions at Disneyland and Disneyworld. There are also rumors that they could be eyeing an Indiana Jones theme park as well. There is also word that Lionsgate wants to make more Twilight and Hunger Games, which could help fuel desire for this new theme park, or maybe the park could help fuel desire for more movies. Either way, this is yet another way for Lionsgate to capitalize on some of their biggest franchises and could wind up being a pretty cool destination. Construction is expected to start next year and Lionsgate expects the park to open in 2019.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott