We are living in a different time. A different age. Someone would say "this is now". About eight months ago though it was announced that Jennifer Lopez would star in a film being made by Annapurna Pictures called Hustlers. The movie is being sold as a Robin Hood type story with the girls in the film taking rich Wall Street guys for loads of money. The picture is being directed and written by Lorene Scafaria based on a story originally written by Jessica Pressler about strippers working a hustle on rich guys out of the club Scores in NYC. The movie even had the alternate title of The Hustlers at Scores.

Just yesterday, Jennifer Lopez posted a sizzling pic of her in a pink bikini on the set of Hustlers to promote the film. Cardi B has recently signed on to play one of the strippers alongside Lopez. They both worked on the song Dinero, so this won't be their first project together.

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The article that first appeared in New York magazine that inspired the film goes into detail about the lives of a crew of women that figured out how to run up the credit cards of rich men by drugging them, then getting the guys to charge a huge amount on their credit cards that the girls would then split. Often times the women would max out the guys credit cards for just having to deal with them.

"I'm going to max out his credit card, like a penalty. You're going to be left with a zero balance. Zero credit line. Just for being annoying."

When the girls first tried out their methodology of money extraction they were not super successful so they figured out that the age old method of plying the guys with drugs worked much better. The ring leader Samantha had come up with the recipe used for drugging the male marks, a special drink spiked with MDMA and ketamine. The MDMA would make them feel euphoric, spending money freely, the ketamine would then cloud their memory often times causing the men to just black out at the end of the night remembering nothing until the credit card bill arrived.

"It sounds so bad to say that we were, like, drugging people, but it was, like, normal."

When the guys received the massive credit card bills, regardless of their impaired memories, some of the men were just not buying into the idea that one night with some strippers cost him that much money. The ringleader explained that once their victim had weighed the cost of filing a formal complaint, of telling his wife and the police what he actually had done that night, the man would conclude the price of calling the girls out for their actions was just too steep. "That's why this worked so well, they (the guys) would just let it go."

In case you are wondering, some of those credit card bills the men let go could earn the girls, thirty, forty, fifty thousand dollars a night. "If you are going to spend 30, 40, 50 thousand dollars a night, I want to know that you had a good time, even if the bill was a little high or whatever."

The movie Hustlers is slated to come out in 2020. The image comes direct from Jennifer Lopez Instagram.