Looks like Lili Reinhart is getting in shape for her new movie Hustlers. On her Instagram Stories she shared a picture of her twirling on a stripper pole like a pro with the clever caption, "Really nailing this whole pole thing". The female directed and written movie is about two mastermind exotic dancers who figure out how to steal a whole bunch of money from Wall Street guys, making themselves rich by "turning the tables" on the guys with big pockets.

Along with Lili Reinhart, the film stars Jennifer Lopez, who was spotted on the stripper pole herself earlier this year by her husband Alex Rodriguez. When asked about how he felt when he heard his wife was playing a stripper in an upcoming movie, he said he was, "Excited". His enthusiasm translated to him sharing the video of Jlo practicing for her steamy upcoming role with his Instagram fans. Jennifer Lopez will play Rosemary, an older very sexy stripper, who figures out how to scam rich men that frequent the strip clubs she used to work. She and her accomplice use a combination of Ketamine and Ecstacy to drug their victims, then get them in their altered state to charge huge amounts on their credit cards, with the girls keeping a large portion of the money.

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The movie is based on The Hustlers at Scores an original piece written by Jessica Pressler for New York magazine. The screenplay is written by Lorene Scafaria who will also direct the movie. While there are plenty of women involved in the production, the whole affair boasts a great deal of diversity on screen as well with Jennifer Lopez, Lili Reinhart, Constance Wu, Keke Palmer, Julia Stiles and Cardi B being the band of strippers and prostitutes that carry on with the robbing of rich men. Cardi B will make her big screen debut in Hustlers as she has been confirmed as part of the production. Cardi B said in a recently resurfaced controversial video that she used to drug men and rob them when they wanted to have sex with her, so she won't have to reach far for inspiration while acting in this film.

Anyone who has listened to Howard Stern over the years has heard mention of Scores, the famous strip club that turned Ronnie "the Limo Driver" Mund into Scoresman. Jlo's character is an older stripper who realizes that her aging looks won't carry her too far past the door at Scores. At a certain point she figures how to cut directly into the club's action. She and her partner texted rich guys that they met out at the strip club, asking them if they wanted to party. The text would oftentimes be accompanied by a picture of a sexy younger prostitute that the women would use to work the guy they set up. If the guy texts back, "yes", then the girls would start working their magic on him.

They would meet him somewhere, where they would encourage the guy to have a couple drinks. Then the girls would drug the guys with a mixture of Ketamine and Ecstacy so the men would feel great spending a whole bunch of money on their credit cards, then they wouldn't remember too much of what happened when the bill came in. The credit card money would then be split between the Hustlers ring leaders, the girls they hired, and the likes of establishments similar to Scores.

The movie looks like a lot of fun and is set for release September 13th, 2019. This news comes from ETOnline.