According to New York Daily News, the film adaptation of Richard Matheson's famed sci-fi novel, I Am Legend, is set to film in the Kingsbridge Armory in New York. Warner Bros. is in the process of closing a deal to rent the armory for seven months for about $350,000, according to city officials who control the armory.

Given its troubled state, the armory, with its gigantic bay-studded roof and red brick exterior, might make a suitable set for a creepy Steven King-spawned film thriller. Something with a title like, "The Armory that Wouldn't Die." RELATED: Will Smith Feels Responsible for Coronavirus Misinformation Due to I Am Legend

But it's not the outside that Warner wants. It's the equally massive - and somewhat creepy - inside.

The former drill hall would be turned into a preproduction and studio set for a movie version of Richard Matheson's famed sci-fi novel, I Am Legend.

His novel had been based in Los Angeles and features the survivor of a biological war doing battle with nocturnal mutant vampires.

The book is said to have inspired George Romero's campy, zombie-filled film favorite Night of the Living Dead.

Warner Bros. is in the process of closing a deal with the city's Economic Development Corp. to rent the entire first-floor interior of the armory for the hefty sum of $50,000 a month. City officials said the studio plans to rent the armory's 190,950-square-foot interior from Feb. 27 through Sept. 30.

Built between 1913 and 1917, the armory - which takes up four square blocks in Kingsbridge Heights, the Bronx - once featured the largest indoor military drill space in the world. The state turned the deteriorated building over to the city in 1996, and its National Guard units shifted their training and other uses to several annex buildings.