After coming in second place to a fairy tale, Will Smith prevailed all the way across the board in home video this week. According to The Hollywood Reporter, I Am Legend took the top spot in the DVD sales charts for the week ending March 30. The Will Smith disc took second place in sales last week, just barely behind Enchanted, which slipped to second place in sales this week.

Newcomer The Mist took the third place in sales and the only other notable newbie was Kite Runner, which finished in seventh place.

On the rental side, I Am Legend retained its crown for a second straight week, having generated $20 million in rental revenue over those two weeks. The Mist took second in rentals with $8.2 million and Kite Runner finished in ninth place with $4.9 million in rentals.

I Am Legend completed the sweep by topping the Blu-Ray sales charts as well. No Country for Old Men finished in second place in BD sales.