The Good

This 26 episode set is filled with good humor that was ahead of it's time.

The Bad

No Special Features about this season or the show in general.

After finding Jeannie (Barbara Eden) in a bottle Tony Nelson's life has never been the same, and in I Dream of Jeannie: The Complete Third Season things continue on their crazy way. Jeannie simply wants to be Jeannie and make her "Master's" life easier, while Tony simply wishes she'd stay in the bottle and act more like a traditional domestic.

With 26 episodes of plots from Jeannie, near misses for Tony and more double- entendres than you can shake a stick at, I Dream of Jeannie: The Complete Third Season was always doing it's best to stay one step ahead of it's audience. Some of the episodes that really stood out to me were "Meet My Master's Mother" in which Tony's Mom decides to plant herself in his home when she thinks Jeannie isn't doing her job. "My Son, the Genie" sees Tony more nervous than usual as the President of the United States is coming over and Jeannie's protégé is determined to cook for him. Lastly, "My Turned On Master" sees Jeannie give her powers to Tony so that he'll take her out to a reception. He doesn't know that he's been given these powers and that has some very unexpected consequences.

Fans of the show should rejoice in yet more boomer TV making it's way to DVD.


No Extras came with this DVD.


1.33:1 - Full Screen. I don't know if you have been following my reviews but as of late Sony has been sending over discs that don't look as good as they usually do. Well, that streak has been broken here as once again we have one of the first shows to utilize color and these things sparkle. The colors in every frame are very rich and that's something special about this show because many of the characters seem dressed to maximize that. I am wondering how much of this set's solid look was the compression process and how much of it was the show's being preserved well in the Sony vaults?


Dolby Digital. Languages: English, Portuguese and Spanish. Subtitles in Portuguese and Spanish. Close Captioned. This is one of those shows where the sound can best be described as crystal clear. There is a simplicity to the way the audio sounds here that meshes quite well with the look of the DVD and the actor's performances. Call me crazy, but I still get a kick out seeing Jeannie move from place to place just by closing her eyes and moving her head.


Jeannie is on the forefront of this cover with her evil sister behind her, and images from the show emanating out of the Jeannie bottle. Aside from the the actors images, everything else on this cover (front and back) is animated. Also, all over this cover is mixture of blue, pink, and earth tones. On the back cover is a description of this show, more images from various episodes, as well as some System Specs. All four discs are housed in two covers which features Jeannie on one and her sister on another. The backs of each cover offer up descriptions of all 26 episodes. Lastly, Sony has really maximized the space with this digipack cover.

Final Word

I hadn't ever really watched I Dream of Jeannie until MovieWeb had asked me to review it. I was familiar with the show, I'd seen some episodes, but other than that watching this Third Season was a revelation of sorts. I had no idea how sharp the humor was. Yeah, it's from the mid 1960s so there is a degree of safeness about it, but even still there are things that these characters do and say that makes you stop and think. The humor isn't racy or crass so much as there is a lot of innuendo there.

First off, there's the way that Jeannie dresses which is nothing short of eye-catching. However, aside from that there's this idea that she called Tony Nelson "Master" all the time. I have to think that when the Feminist Movement looked back at this show, they probably really had a big problem with it. Ultimately, it is this show's quick quips, and it's ability to laugh at myriad of things (even itself) that has kept I Dream of Jeannie enduring.

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