According to The Hollywood Reporter, the comedic adventure of two hapless existential detectives in I Heart Huckabees generated nearly 50% of its total $12.7 million domestic boxoffice take Tuesday, the first day that the home video was released, according to industry sources. The Fox Searchlight home video starring Jude Law, Dustin Hoffman, Jason Schwartzman and Naomi Watts generated about $5.4 million in total consumer spending Tuesday, and the comedy is expected to easily surpass its $12.7 million boxoffice take by week's end, industry sources said.

Last week, Lions Gate's bloody horror film Saw sold more than 3 million combined DVD and VHS units its debut week in stores for the week ending February 20th, generating an estimated $50 million-plus in total consumer spending, nearly half of its total domestic boxoffice take of about $55 million, Lions Gate president Steve Beeks said.

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