Do you love taking selfies only slightly more than you love horror flicks? Then you need to hurry over to I Like Scary Movies in Los Angeles, which allows you to experience both pastime activities while fully immersing yourself in some of Warner Bros.' biggest horror classics. Want to visit the Overlook Hotel, pretend to be Beetlejuice, sidle up to Pennywise, or kick back inside David's lair from The Lost Boys? The I Like Scary Movies art installation allows you to do all of that and more, and you can even buy a cool T-shirt at the very end, to commemorate your trip before heading out the door and back into the real world.

I Like Scary Movies pulls the best from local horror haunts and theme park attractions, turning the conceit into its own unique beast. And you don't have to wait until October to experience it all. This is like having Halloween in the springtime. And there are no scare actors or strobe lights to contend with as you make your way through a maze of various rooms dedicated to various scary movies from the past three decades.

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Beetlejuice at I Like Scary Movies

Right away, you'll notice that all of the franchises represented in this exhibit are from Warner Bros. and New Line. The studios were fully behind the idea, and offered their support in bringing these 25,000 square feet of terror to life. Represented inside are Pennywise and his recent remake of Stephen King's IT, the 1980 Stanley Kubrick classic The Shining, The Nightmare on Elm Street franchise, 1988's Beetlejuice and the cult classic The Lost Boys.

There is no waiting or long lines, as groups or individuals visiting the exhibit pay for their tickets in advance, picking their designated time, as they are let in at 15 minute intervals. Of course, the main attraction here is getting to take selfies with all of the horror displays. And sometimes, a budding photographer or influencer will take the needed extra few minutes to get their shots just right, which can somewhat create a logjam. But the great thing is that each room has so many photo ops in it, that never really becomes a problem. Except for perhaps inside the room where Freddy's giant claw lingers, or trying to take a photo on the iconic Beetlejuice couch. Those areas may bring a few minutes of downtime, but it's pretty painless, all things considered.

The Shining at I Like Scary Movies

Inside the main waiting room, there is a great photo op with the snake shower from Beetlejuice. But the first big room belongs to The Shining. There is a giant Redrum display set against a snowy backdrop, which leads into a couple of different themed rooms. Guests can take their photo in the bathtub from The Overlook Hotel, or stand in the dreaded hallway, where a blood wave rushes from elevator doors. The blood is actually build from plastic hotel keys, which is a nice touch.

The Shining at I Like Scary Movies #2

The more adventurous sort can reenact Jack Torrance's infamous 'Here's Johnny' scene by sticking their face through the axe hole of a hotel door. And there is a prominent window display that you can hang out of and yell blood murder till your hearts content. It's like getting to live out some of your favorite scenes from this terror classic. There is also the hotel lobby, where you can sink into the signature carpet, ride on Danny's big wheel, or get your photo taken with the twins (though it should be noted that they are a pair of mannequins, not real children). While there are no scare actors present, there is someone hiding behind a pair of doors. And they like to bang quite loudly. If you look inside the scratch holes, you'll catch a glimpse of a man in a bear costume. It's pretty spooky.

The Shining at I Like Scary Movies #3

Moving from The Shining, horror fans are transported to Derry, Indiana to confront Pennywise in his IT sewer lair. You have to walk through a spinning tunnel to get there, and it's enough to make you dizzy and fall over. The perfect way to visit the most iconic murderous clown in movie history. Euphoric and buzzing, there is plenty to explore from this Stephen King classic. Paper sailboats hang in a curtain of doom. You can snap your photo with a red balloon. And perhaps coolest out of anything in the entire instillation, if you scribble your biggest fear on the wall, you'll get a Pennywise penny for your troubles.

IT Pennywise at I Like Scary Movies

After dancing with the world's deadliest clown, visitors are thrust into Freddy's boiler room from A Nightmare on Elm Street. This is a hands-on exhibit, and touching everything is strongly encouraged. Like Pennywise, Freddy doesn't make an actual appearance anywhere on the killing floor. But his presence is felt all around you as you make your way through. Perhaps the best photo ops are resting inside this section. There is a Freddy throne that you can sit in, which comes complete with knifed glove and red and green wallpaper. Speaking of that infamous weapon of slaughter, there is a giant Freddy glove that you can pose with, and its fingers are movable, so you can hug down on the blades, and get quite a few exciting death ready poses.

Beetlejuice at I Like Scary Movies #2

Definitely the busiest area is Beetlejuice's graveyard. Once you reach this destination, things get a tad backed up. But there are a number of different photo ops in each corner of every room, so it's not like you're going to get bored waiting. They definitely accounted for any downtime when constructing this giant living, breathing piece of movie memorabilia art. There are a lot of Beetlejuice characters to interact and pose with, quite a few that require you provide your own head for the best selfie. The coolest piece of this particular puzzle is when you can crawl into the couch and pretend to be half the person you really are. You can run around in Dante's Inferno, hang out with a plastic cow, and even dig yourself into Betelguese's ow personal grave.

The final stop on this creepy tour is The Lost Boys. At one point, you can literally hang from the Santa Carla train tracks as you test your strength. David's underground lair is on full display. And there is a giant Chinese takeout container full of worms that you can roll around in. At the end of The Lost Boys display is a spooky little nicknack shop full of Funko Pops from the various movies along with other horror collectibles. It takes about 90 minutes to get through the whole thing, and when you are finished, you'll probably have 900 selfies to share with your social media followers and friends.

The Lost Boys at I Like Scary Movies

I Like Scary Movies is definitely a fun time, especially if you're with a group of friends. The art installation will be in place through July 14th, and then it's gone for good. The place is located at The Desmond, 5514 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90036. Tickets are $39. You can check out for all the other information you may need. If you're looking for some good scares and a little bit of early Halloween fun, you definitely need to carve out some time on your calendar over the next two weekends. Don't miss out.

Pennywise the clown at I Like Scary Movies

There's no time to waste. Get your tickets for I Like Scary Movies before they're gone.