I, Robot:FilmJerk has done another spectacular job of reviewing yet another highly anticipated film script this week with the arrival of I, Robot.

It's hard to find good science fiction stories these days, with the current trend being to adapt short-stories from renewed authors like Philip K. Dick. To say the least, "I, Robot" has a strange pedigree, as original screenwriter Jeff Vintar took his highly regarded spec script "Hardwired" and mixed it with Issac Asimov's nine stories from the "I, Robot" anthology. Does it work? I would say so.

As background, Asimov laid out the three basic laws of robotics in the anthology, which include:

1) Robots must never harm human beings or do anything that would directly harm a human being.

2) Robots must follow instructions from humans, as long as those instructions do not violate the first rule of robotics.

3) Robots must protect themselves, provided those actions do not violation the other two rules of robotics

All loom large here.

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