Bella Thorne stars in I Still See You and the latest trailer proves that the dead are coexisting with the living after an apocalyptic event wiped out millions of people. The chilling thriller was first teased by Thorne on social media a few weeks ago, when she released a short video. The I Still See You teaser was viewed over 100,000 times by Throne's dedicated following and fans have been waiting to see the full-length trailer, which thankfully, was released today.

I Still See You is a spellbinding and romantic supernatural thriller set ten years after an apocalyptic event that left the world haunted by ghosts. Roni (Bella Thorne) receives a threatening message from beyond the grave while taking a shower. Joining forces with a mysterious classmate, Kirk (Richard Harmon), Roni descends into a shadow world that blurs the bounds of the living and the dead, and begins a desperate race against time to stop a killer who will stop at nothing until she's dead. It's not clear why Thorne's character most die, but we'll figure that all out soon.

The I Still See You trailer features a voiceover from Bella Thorne's Roni character and at one point she says, "everyone remembers where they were that day, the day of the event," while standing in front of a memorial of all of the people that passed away. However, they're all still hanging around town as echoes of themselves. Men and women are shown disintegrating throughout the trailer, almost like the end of Infinity War. The news reports in the trailer let us know that the apocalyptic event took place just outside Chicago, which was the epicenter of the tragedy, ten years before the movie takes place.

I Still See You is directed by Scott Speer and written by Jason Fuchs and is based on Daniel Waters' novel Break My Heart One Thousand Times. The film costars Amy Price-Francis, Hugh Dillon, Shaun Benson, Dave Brown, Thomas Elms, Louis Herthum, and Dermot Mulroney. I Still See You is produced by Paul Brooks, Scott Niemeyer, as well as Leon Clarance. The film features Bella Thorne with her hair dyed black in a visual effort to get the most out of her capability of seeing dead people in the trailer.

I Still See You hits select theaters on October 12th and will be available On Demand, starting that day. The post-apocalyptic trailer does look pretty exciting and it seems like they're trying to put a new spin on several old storylines from other thrillers. There's Bella Thorne's ability to see dead people, words written on foggy windows, teases of romance, experiments that seem to be going wrong and of course the promise by a teacher, who declares that the ghosts cannot touch humans, which is quickly figured to be false. You can check out the first full-length trailer for I Can Still See You below, provided by the Lionsgate YouTube channel.