"The haters always say, 'Tonya, tell the truth.' There's no such thing as truth. Everyone has their own truth." Tonya Harding was the best figure skater in the world at one point in time. That all came crashing down when she made one horrible mistake that she could never take back. Her tale is a legend now being told in an inspiring, insane and sometimes hilarious biopic. Today, we have the red band and green band full-length trailer for I, Tonya. And it's really something else.

While Tonya Harding set out to achieve Olympic gold, it appears that Margot Robbie has her sights set on a different kind of gold. Oscar gold. And this is clearly a career best performance, as evidenced in the latest footage, which arrives both in family friendly form as well as a ribald R rated trailer that let's the nastier side of Tonya Harding's harrowing story shine through.

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Based on unbelievable but true events, I, Tonay is the darkly comedic tale of American figure skater Tonya Harding and one of the most sensational scandals in sports history. Though Harding was the first American woman to complete a triple axel in competition, her legacy has forever been defined by her association with an infamous, ill-conceived and worse-executed attack on fellow Olympic competitor Nancy Kerrigan.

Featuring an iconic turn by Margot Robbie as the fiery Tonya Harding, a mustachioed Sebastian Stan as her impetuous ex-husband Jeff Gillooly, a tour-de-force performance from Allison Janney as her acid-tongued mother LaVona Golden, and an original screenplay by Steven Rogers, Craig Gillespie's I, Tonya is an absurd, irreverent, and piercing portrayal of Harding's life and career in all of its unchecked, and checkered, glory.

A teaser for I, Tonya arrived just two weeks ago. But now we have a better look at the movie with the green and red band versions of this first full trailer. There have been plenty of biopics before, but none have ever been this outrageous.

Paul Walter Hauser, Julianne Nicholson, Bobby Cannavale and Mckenna Grace also co-star in this award season favoirite, which has been racking up acclaim at various festivals. Directed by Craig Gillespie (The Finest Hours, Million Dollar Arm) from a screenplay by Steven Rogers (P.S. I Love You), I, Tonya opens in NY and LA on December 8, 2017.

There isn't another movie coming out that is quite like I, Tonya. And it looks at the Olympic lifestyle in a way that has never been brought to the screen before. The movie not only has the potential to become a big award winner for everyone involved, it has the cult potential not seen since a movie like Mommy Dearest. While many are looking forward to Star Wars, Justice League and Thor, this is for a different kind of audience who love weird drama, quirky comedy, and a very raunchy Margot Robbie. It's pure Olympic gold, if that gold was cheese served on the fanciest french role, and it comes direct to us from Neon.