Australian actress Margot Robbie has recently revealed that she did not know that her new movie, I, Tonya was based on true events. The drama between Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan unfolded in 1994, when Robbie was just 3-years old and living in Australia, so it's understandable that she wouldn't have any idea about the events that happened in America when she was that young. For those old enough to remember, the scandal sent shockwaves across the sports world and the world at large. The story is also so bizarre that it makes sense that Robbie would believe that the story was pure fiction.

On January 6th, 1994, Tonya Harding's main competition for U.S. Figure Skating, Nancy Kerrigan was attacked by Shane Stant after a practice session at the Figure Skating Championships in Detroit. Harding's ex-husband, Jeff Gillooly and her bodyguard, Shawn Eckhardt, hired Stant to break Kerrigan's right leg so that she would be unable to compete in the 1994 Winter Olympics. Harding later plead guilty for conspiring to hinder prosecution of the attackers and received 3 years of probation, 500 hours of community service, $160,000 dollar fine, and was banned for life from U.S. Figure Skating.

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Margot Robbie recently sat down with Variety where she revealed that she didn't know that I, Tonya was based on real-life events. The actress had this to say.

"I didn't realize it was a true story. I thought it was complete fiction, just a wacky story. And then I found out it was all true and I was even more fascinated."

The story does read like a work of fiction, but it is all true. Kerrigan's leg was never broken, just badly bruised and she still went on to compete in the 1994 Winter Games and earned a silver medal while Harding placed 6th.

Margot Robbie's performance in I, Tonya is already receiving rave reviews with many calling it the performance of her career. The movie is being described as "darkly funny, violent, and tragic." In addition, director Craig Gillespie goes out of his way to humanize Harding, who has been characterized as a villain for her actions in 1994, but even as far back as 1992, the world of figure skating turned their backs to Harding. The movie is based on interviews with all involved and told through documentary-style confessionals and a traditional biopic structure.

As for her next project, Margot Robbie recently said that she hopes to suit up in her fishnets and grab the baseball bat to get into Harley Quinn again next year, but even she doesn't know exactly what Harley Quinn project that will be. Warner Bros. has announced quite a bit for the Joker and Harley Quinn lately, so her and actor Jared Leto are just as confused as the general public as to what exactly is going on over at Warner Bros. at this time. It does seem that next year would fit into Suicide Squad 2 schedule, but we'll just have to wait and see. In the meantime, you can check out Robbie as Tonya Harding in I, Tonya sometime in early 2018.