Flushed Away:X2’s Sir Ian McKellen and his Lord of the Rings co-star Andy Serkis, are reportedly reuniting for a trip through London’s sewers, and Van Helsing’s Hugh Jackman may be joining them.

McKellen and Serkis have signed on to lend their distinctive voices to the up-coming DreamWorks animated comedy Flushed Away, that will center on the adventures of a pampered British rat after he’s accidentally flushed from his posh penthouse flat into London slim-ridden sewers. McKellen will be voicing the story"s antagonist, a villainous frog, while Serkis will assail the part of his so-called hench-rat, Spike. Jackman has entered into early talks to play Roddy, the pampered rat

DreamWorks has partnered on the project with stop-motion animation powerhouse Aardman Animation, the British company behind both the Mel Gibson vehicle Chicken Run and the Oscar winning Wallace and Gromitseries.

Serkis is currently hard at work, providing voice and body for the title character in director Peter Jackson"s King Kong update, in which he will also portray Lumpy the Cook. McKellen will be lending his voice to two upcoming features, The Magic Roundabout Movie and Eighteen. Jackman, who’s previously shared the screen with McKellen in the X-Men films, has worked in animation only once before, when he lent his voice to the straight-to-DVD Van Helsing prequel Van Helsing: The London Assignment.