20th Century Fox and their animation arm Blu Sky Studios have announced a July 15, 2016 release date for the franchise sequel Ice Age 5. No story details have been released yet. It comes after Ice Age: Continental Drift, which was released in 2012.

Because of this confirmed release date, the studio has now decided to push their upcoming original animated feature Anubis a ways into the future, giving it a confirmed March 23, 2018 release date.

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Anubis is loosely based on the Bruce Zick novel 'The Anubis Tapestry: Between Twilights'. The story follows Dr. George Henry, who finds himself condemned to the Egyptian Underworld after succumbing to an ancient Mummy curse. The doctor's son Henry sets off on an adventure to free his father, and must battle various monsters of all shapes and sizes as he plunges through the depths of this fantastical Underworld.

No story details have been released for Ice Age 5. Ice Age: Continental Drift ended with this gang of audience favorite characters moving to an island after their home is destroyed. The sequel will land one week before the Second Untitled Marvel Project 2016 is unleashed on audiences. Some speculate that the film is Doctor Strange, but that has not been confirmed by Marvel.

Anubis currently faces no competition at the box office. But that will surely change in the five years leading up to its release.