On the twentieth anniversary of Boyz N the Hood, rapper-turned-actor Ice Cube is returning to South Central Los Angles with the Walt Disney Studios produced Chrome and Paint, which he will direct and produce.

Ice Cube will co-write the screenplay with Raising Victor Vargas' Eva Vives, based on a song off his 2006 album 'Laugh Now, Cry Later'. Th project will center on the burgeoning car culture, and will feature the low riders seen on parade ever Sunday in East Los Angeles' Elysian Park.

Cube had originally envisioned Chrome and Paint to be a gritty, hard R look at young people who die in drive-by shootings, with a theme similar to that of Boyz N the Hood. While the film will retain its edge, the concept is being toned down. It will be to 2012 what Walt Disney's The Devil and Max Devlin was to 1981: A rough, dark example of what a Walt Disney film can be.

Only this time out, we won't be seeing Bill Cosby dressed as Satan.