Ice Cube has revealed before how much he wants to do a film remake of the classic TV sitcom Welcome Back, Kotter. While he was promoting his new film First Sunday, Cube talked about the Kotter remake, and what we can expect from it.

"There's a script," Ice Cube said. "We've got the same characters, they're just re-vamped to suit the times, totally different. It's like, flipped. With me playing Kotter, how couldn't it be?"

Cube maintained that the basic format of Kotter returning to his alma mater to teach the new generation will be intact, but it will be updated for the times.

"The names will be saved, don't worry about it. Everybody will have the same name," he insisted. "To me, it's still a comedy, but it's real. It's more of a Fast Times at Ridgemont High, not so much 'Up your nose with a rubber hose'."

Cube also maintained he was a big fan of the original show and, that if the movie were to be made, he does want the original cast back as well for cameos.

"I want everybody. I want Travolta for a cameo, I want Gabe Kaplan for a cameo. I want Epstein, Horshack, Washington," he insisted. "If they do [make the movie], I want 'em in."