I recently visited Ice Cube on the set of his latest film First Sunday. While interviewing him about the heist dramedy in the basement of an old church, he revealed that Chris Tucker might, in fact, be returning to the Friday franchise.

Cube stated, "I want Chris Tucker to come back. I would love for him to do that. We've talked about it. And that is as much as he wants me to say about it right now." This was followed by a rather sly, telling grin. From what I've heard around the water cooler, chances are good that Tucker will be retuning to the role of Smokey.

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Ice Cube also told us a little bit about his upcoming plans for a big screen adaptation of the 1970s ABC sitcom Welcome Back, Kotter. The rapper said, "It needs a little work. We're going to see. I don't know if it will end up being my next movie or not."

We told Cube that Tracey Morgan, his First Sunday co-star, wanted to be in the film. Cube responded by laughing, "Yeah. Okay." When the subject of Travolta was brought up, Cube told us, "I would love for him to do a cameo. I would love it if all the guys did a little cameo here and there. We'll see. It's funny to take a show that is an icon and flip it the way we are. But I think we have a good story. We have a good way to do it."

When asked if he was planning to take a more dramatic spin on the sitcom, Cube told us he was in fact planning to do that, "I always looked at the series as something that wasn't as sitcomy as it may have felt. It was a little bit hard edged for the time. It dealt with kids that were skipping school, and doing all of this bad stuff. It was about that Sweathogs theme. They would deal with topics that were not the typical sitcom type stories. They would talk about real life stuff. I think what we have is true to the nature of the series. We will make it more of a dramatic story. It will be less about that "Up your nose with a rubber hose" type of shit. You know what I'm saying? It could be the dramatic role I am looking for. I think that's how it can be accepted as a new thing. If we go more dramatic with it. It will be dramatic with comedic overtones. Those always make the ride a little easier."

First Sunday opens January 18th, 2008. We will have more from the set of that film in the upcoming months.

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